This page contains information from conferences of past years:

April 2018: Anxiety and Authority in South Asia | Keynote Speaker: William Mazzarella

April 2017: Space and Sovereignty in South Asia | Keynote Speaker: Sunil Amrith

April 2016: The Natural Worlds of South Asia | Keynote Speaker: Sugata Ray

April 2015: Technologies and Traditions| Keynote Speaker: Kajri Jain

April 2014: Cultures, Past and Present| Keynote Speaker: Gyan Prakash

April 2013: Modernity and its Discontents | Keynote Speaker: Thomas Blom Hansen

April 2012: After Subaltern Studies | Keynote Speaker: Partha Chatterjee



The organizing committee of the 2019 South Asia Conference would like to acknowledge the generous support of Naiza Khan for the image used above for this year’s conference. To see more work, please visit

The Land Itself, 2014, Watercolour, 46 x 61cm

Image courtesy Naiza Khan and Rossi & Rossi London | HK


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